„I think nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s that she’s never going to let us relax.”

Richard Feyman –american physicist


It has long been designed to create a foundation with which we can help others, our environment and the needy.

We felt the need to create a foundation in which our sponsors and sympathizers can be participated to do for the environment, help our fellow man in need.

The idea was followed by act, we established the Foundation, which is active in three main areas: the environment, animal protection, and social needs of our people support.

We named our foundation to Green Hope Foundation, i.e. Green HOPE, that name carries our philosophy, that is, we want to help our environment. We believe and hope that it is not too late. We believe that by joining forces with some help, and more beautiful, we can make our daily life more livable.

We intend to protect our environment, to make it cleaner, healthier by co-operate with other coprorations and association.

To do this, look for our staff, our sponsors, who kept us to conserve the environment, and we hope that more and more so will the number of people who want to protect our planet from destruction.

Another major field is the protection of animals: wild animals in their natural habitat protection, to save dying species, but such stray dog ​​shelter in the heart of the delivery of the same case.

The third main field of our is to support people, who fight social problems; to help old people who live alone, to support large families and people who live in difficult exchequer.

We do not want to do miracles, but we believe in that with every little act we are ahead of us. The target is known, and we will not hesitate to start this difficult and bumpy road.


Green Hope!

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We organized a donation for the reconstruction of a family’s house. Please help if you can afford.

We organized a donation for Christmas for poor large families.Please help if you can afford it.