Our office is located at the central of Érd, we are there.

Green-Hope foundation, equal green hope, according to our opinion everything can be found in this point of view.

We are waiting for you from 8 AM until 5 PM on weekdays if you have the same opinion or intend to cooperate with us

Have a question, a matter decided opinion or suggestion or problem, we give assistance in everything to you.

We welcome those who are socially deprived for aid those, who are non-governmental organizations require support. By doing everything for our environment, there are a lot of things for what we have to work together, for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

If they will be brought up in this spirit, all things can be changed, giving us a serious challenge to avert it and to do up, it's a lifestyle.

We live our lives avoiding politics, without politics.

There is no problem with the political opinions or the persons exercising, no matter what anyone point of view. We do not want to live in, we respect that point of view, we  expect to honor our point of view, this matter does not mean antipathy, but the opposite of mutual respect, which is much more and it is better to practice it with each other.

After all, there are sympathizers, who belong to  political point of views, but at other times, and in others place it is a natural thing and respect for each other.

Please ask us for advice in lifestyle, in building or in nutrition.

We investigate the pollution of  companies, factories and plants and we do steps in  order to reduce pollutant emissions. We intend to execute this action without quarrel, dispute, organized demonstrations, but also help them to be on the path to become better in operation as far as environmental respect is regards.

Our spirit is our idea, at all times and is based on collaborative respect with a constructor character above all. We trust it, that our idea in right and we affect all those, who do not live for our environment, agreeing, it is not necessary to avail himself of severe laws threatening towards each other,We try to achive thi effect with our idea. Let the fact that something is a helpless attitude not be believed in, but intelligence it is necessary to fight a fight, declare this is a science! Our name obliges, green hope is needed in this consciousness to shed light on it and to solve the problem in one. We cannot make a miracle, it is not allowed to test it, but the change, carrying out big steps sometimes towards the change it is necessary to promote this. If until all of them one, a person, we understand a success already if he/she  identifies with our ideas only. We know that it is not possible to modify everybody’s mind, to conquer everything no way, because the things need his part not allowed in order to be refractory, but the big mass's common principle is already a miracle. It is necessary to achieve the goal of the persuasion and the alteration together with common strength, band with will. This the Green-Hope!!


Our activities:

  • Civil environment-protection, support and finance environmental activities.
  • Both students and adults can be participated at our activities
  • We cooperate with foreigner students and enviromental professionals, bot hat Hungary and other country.
  • We organize camps and exchange camps where the games and education and horse riding play the similar role as work.
  • Celebrities are also upport our programmes, visit our presentation, teach at our camps, set an example to the change which need time, also we know. „Green Time”
  • Our professionals advise in nutrition and in lifestyle if you visit us at our office.
  • We help to needies, large families, poors and homeless people by food division and donation.
  • It is necessary to multiply planting trees, we want to point masses' viewpoint at this. The fear is growing because of the global climate change, though makes the claim of the taking responsibility grow in one. We may say thank you for a lot to the trees everybody has to know this, many positive effects are has on our environment.
    It is relieved the man binds his consequences, the foliage the produces carbon dioxide and oxygen, balances the greenhouse effect, humidity so increase and the heat is relieved in summer. A trees with a big letter grasp becoming dirty furthermore the port and the noise, the strength of the edge is relieved. We could enumerate his positive talent, but we present this in greater detail on our conferences. It is necessary to aim for the planting of the trees, which is a world rescuer in one, because of this internationally activity.

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