The aim of the foundation is mainly intended to protect the environment and nature protection of our country. Along with this Central Europe, Continents of Europe and the existing problems of pollution, activities, study, construction, prevention suggestions, critical points solving actions and plans are belong to goals .In cooperation with all those who live with us on a plane thoughts coalition, joint support given to each other in all areas. Living in the development of the organization to use this in our daily lives, our every moment.

How should we live? What to do? How to build in? Where to build in? What can we do to protect our environment? How to travel with, and what?These are some questions and he even raised a number of issues in order to protect our planet, our lives, and grandchildren's future.

Our goals are huge, but only can be achieved in cooperation, not foreign, but also in other countries, Festival Foundation, together with associations.

The wars of the world we live in cars, obviously need to move with the times, but to follow the rule that "Measure and Temperance" this principle of progress. Reduce unnecessary travel with pollution, more energy-efficient in this protect our environment.We know it is not at all conducive to the automotive industry and many other related activities, but they also understood that even thinking about the future, while the importance of the material world decreasing change our environment!

Supporting environmental education, formation, Nature Conservation, ecological awareness raising.The goal is the global collaboration, we can hard because everyone acts according to their own interests. The list of differences, but you have to find it for some middle ground as possible, and there is a way!

Continuously monitored by the air pollution, water quality, - to assess critical situations, which we provide notice to all of our interested followers.

This should be our aim! green hope- id est Green Hope!

Important information on the environment protection

The environment is a social activity in which human society has its own ecological conditions of existence (by itself) caused damage to prevent or mitigate damage to the elimination of. The environment, therefore, is not the same as the concept of environmental protection, although there is considerable overlap between the two activities. The purpose of the conservation state of biosphere, functioning, biodiversity (biological diversity), and in connection with the habitat and the preservation of the natural landscape, damage prevention, reduction or elimination.

Forests of the planet's total land area in 2005 to 30% of the total forest area in hectares was under the slightly 4 billion, at least one third less than before the dawn of agriculture, about ten thousand years ago (1 hectar equals thousands of square meters).

The unequal distribution of forests, the forests of the richest ten countries, where two-thirds of the total forest area in Russia, Brazil, Canada, United States, China, Australia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Peru and India.

The world average of one-third of the total number of forest jungle, which is a forest where there is no clearly visible traces of human activity and the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed. Every year six million acres of rain forest are lost to deforestation, selective wood chopping and other human interference due to amendments. In only twenty percent of the world's forests remain in large coherent areas. These tropical rain forest, mangrove, coastal and swamp forests encompass. Monsoon and deciduous forests flourish in the drier areas and more highland. The rain forests are a variety of animal and plant species are home to indigenous and culturally diverse population with particular connection to the habitat.

What is the relationship between forests and climate change? Trees absorb carbon dioxide and are vital carbon sinks. It is estimated that only the Earth's forests store 283 gigatonnes of carbon in the biomass, and the carbon that the forest biomass, dry wood, litter and soil together is stored in approximately fifty percent more than what is in the atmosphere.

Annual loss of natural forests around the world contributes more to global emissions than the transport sector.

Who cares for trees and forests? About ten million people working in the area of ​​traditional forest management and conservation.

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