We can say ourselves lucky, because our foundation is quite mixed; among our members there are teachers of biology and chemistry teachers, philosophers, philologists, lawyers, economists, architects and dealers.

All of us has an own undertaking or job, where we take into account the environment-friendly view and we live and work according this.

We are basically a group of friends, we participate various environmental programmes at  for years, we are engaged in regular garbage collection programmes, and attend to the most relevant events. In 2004, we participated in an environmental conference, we then thought to do together for our environment, but we have not considered it important to formalize all of this cast, to do it as a foundations. We thought it is enough if we live according to our principles. However, after all these years, we felt the need to create a foundation, with sympathizers, supporters we can do even more. This is how the Green Hope Foundation has been established.


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