Kindly ask you to help us in order to make our aims come true.

Please donate with your ki-grown clothes, not still in used toys, and all of other products, which is unnecessary for your but it can be needful for other people.

We are waiting for donations from firms e.g. amount of money, detergents, food boxes, durables, pharmacies.

If you are rich and you more than you need, that you never use again, please send us or take it to our office. If you can an amount of money, please transfer to our bank account.

Our foundation guarante that your donations will sent to people who needs that and you can track at our website

We can help us each other with cooperation. So if you an only an idea, please come to our office and share with us!

If you cannot help us but read our website and you will protect our environment’s cleanliness or you’ll use more you bike, we are in win situation. Please participate at our waste collection, save aminals, hiking more, save plants and trees!

The Green Hope works for beautify or environment and for our mates.

Green Hope – Zöld Remény

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Green Hope – Zöld Remény Alapítvány

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